Case Studies

Direct Metals Company, LLC has supplied industrial metal and fiberglass material for countless projects across the nation. From simple projects to more complex projects like these case studies, no job is too small or too large for Direct Metals. Our case studies include projects that were completed with our specialty metal products, such as wire mesh, perforated metal, bar grating, expanded metal, and more. Check out some of the projects we have taken part in!



Statue of Liberty Interior Stairway Infill Panels (PDF)

Great Lakes Restoration Fund Asian Carp Fencing (PDF)

Wrigley Field Stadium Infill Panels (PDF)

Brooklyn Bridge Park Residential Building Gabion Style Reception Desk (PDF)

Woodridge Park District Athletic Recreation Center Handrail Panels (PDF)

Melrose Park Bridge Decorative Security Fencing (PDF)

I-90 Footbridge Decorative Fencing Panels (PDF)

Cape San Blas, FL Custom Deck Panels (PDF)



Tunica RiverPark & Museum Front Facade (PDF)

University of Texas El Paso Monument/Sculpture (PDF)



Citadel Center Bar Grating Handrail Inserts (PDF)

Historic Fourth Ward Beltline Access Ramp, Platforms & Stairs (PDF)

Wrigley Field Stadium New Scoreboard Structure (PDF)

Tinley Creek Forest Preserve Pedestrian Bridge (PDF)

Washington Street Bridge Pedestrian Walkway (PDF)



Fontainebleau Terrace Decorative Louver Railing Panels (PDF)

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