Perforated Hexagonal Products

Instructions: The dropdown fields of material, gauge, hole size, hole centers, hole pattern, and centers will help you find the exact product needed for your application.

  • Select your desired perforated metal shape.
  • Use various dropdown fields to narrow your perforated metal search.
  • Once you have chosen a product, request a quote and a Direct Metals representative will be in contact with you shortly.


NameMaterialGaugeHole SizeHole CentersHole PatternCentersSpecifications hf:att:pa_materialhf:att:pa_gaugehf:att:pa_hole-sizehf:att:pa_hole-centershf:att:pa_hole-patternhf:att:pa_centers
0.25" Hexagonal 0.28125" Staggered Centers 20 Gauge (AL) Perforated MetalAluminum201/4"9/32"HexagonalStaggered

Specifications (PDF)

0.25" Hexagonal 0.28125" Staggered Centers 22 Gauge (CS) Perforated MetalCarbon Steel221/4"9/32"HexagonalStaggered

Specifications (PDF)

0.50" Hexagonal 0.5625" Staggered Centers 14 Gauge (AL) Perforated MetalAluminum141/2"9/16"HexagonalStaggered

Specifications (PDF)

0.50" Hexagonal 0.5625" Staggered Centers 16 Gauge (CS) Perforated MetalCarbon Steel161/2"9/16"HexagonalStaggered

Specifications (PDF)


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