Safety Grating Glossary

Metal Grating Catalog (Interactive)


Allowable Concentrated Load (C):

Values indicated in the rows labeled "C" are the lowest of the (1) maximum allowable concentrated load considering channel flexure (Figure II below), with both channels effective, and (2) the maximum allowable strut load (Cs) for a 1-ft. long sample (Figure I below).


Allowable Uniform Load (U):

Values indicated in the rows adjacent to "U" are of the (1) maximum allowable uniform loads considering channel flexure and (2) maximum grating surface flexure.


Deflection Corresponding to "C":

Deflection values indicated below "C" values in the tables are the mid-span, side channel deflections produced when the allowable concentrated load is placed at mid-span.


Deflection Corresponding to "U":

Deflection values are indicated below the uniform loads and are the mid-span side channel deflections for the planks carrying the allowable uniform loads (Figure III below).


Grate-Lock™ Safety Grating:

Grate-Lock™ safety metal grating is quickly assembled system of interlocking planks, stair treads, and accessories. It can be ordered with or without the traction grip, which makes the metal grating uniquely suited for rack decks or clean rooms. Grate-Lock™ metal grating features an exclusive anti-skid design that provides 360 degrees of slip resistance and a superior ultimate load performance. The open metal grating design also prevents the build-up of water, grease, oil, and small debris through grating and stair treads. For more on Grate-Lock™ safety grating, click here.


Grip Strut™ Safety Grating & Stair Treads:

Grip Strut™ safety grating and stair treads has a serrated surface that gives maximum slip protection and performance on steel flooring and metal stair treads under all conditions and in every direction. The serrated surface on this metal grating is an open diamond pattern, which allows for the drainage of fluids, mud, chips, and other accident-causing debris through grating and stair treads. For more on Grip Strut™ safety grating, click here.


Hot rolled Steel:

Steel that has been heated, flattened then coiled in a large roll. It is an unfinished product and offers no corrosion resistance.


Perf-O Grip™ Safety Grating:

Perf-O Grip™ safety grating is used to create non-slip commercial and industrial metal floor grating for walkways, stairways, and steel flooring. The large debossed hole of the safety metal grating provides maximum drainage of debris and allow up to 50% free air opening depending on panel width. Perf-O Grip™ safety grating has a high load capacity, long life, and high strength-to-weight performance. For more on Perf-O Grip™ safety grating, click here.


Pickled steel:

A process to chemically remove scale or oxide from steel to obtain a clean surface.



Federal specification that mandates the anti-slip values for materials used in certain situations.



A row of small sharp projections resembling the teeth of a saw.


Traction Tread™ Safety Grating:

Traction Tread™ safety grating is available in steel flooring, planks, ladder rungs, and stair treads. This metal grating features a surface with hundreds of perforated buttons that provide slip resistance in all directions, making it a practical choice for industrial and commercial applications, where pedestrian traffic is a consideration. Traction Tread™ safety grating is suited for ADA floor grating requirements. For more on Traction Tread™ safety grating, click here.

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