Grate-Lock™ Safety Grating

Grate-Lock™ safety metal grating from Direct Metals® is a quickly assembled system of interlocking planks, slip resistant stair treads, and accessories. As a metal safety grating supplier, our Grate-Lock™ floor grating and stair treads system provides a safe, substantial footing that is well suited for:

  • Metal mezzanine floors
  • Metal signboard walkways
  • Metal inspection work platforms
  • Metal trench covers
  • Metal stair treads (safety treads)
  • Metal rack decking
  • Metal catwalks


Our Grate-Lock™ safety metal grating and stair treads offer increased load performance, with interlocking planks and a ventilated rung design. The hundreds of optional sole-gripping dimples ensure a safe steel surface in all kinds of environments. Grate-Lock™ floor grating lets you specify lighter gauge steel for substantial material savings. Grate-Lock™ steel grating and stair treads can be ordered with or without the traction grip, which makes the metal grating uniquely suited for rack decks or clean rooms.


Advantages of Grate-Lock™ Metal Grating & Stair Treads:

  • Exclusive anti-skid design provides 360 degrees of slip resistance
  • All sections of metal grating are made from structural grade steel
  • Roll-formed design provides metal grating and stair treads with superior strength
  • Optional side and end plates
  • Open metal grating design prevents the build-up of water, grease, oil, and small debris on metal grating and stair treads




Grate-Lock™ System Components
Grate-Lock™ Safe Loading Tables

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Available Grate-Lock Safety Grating Material Options:

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