Fiberglass Grating Case Studies


Location:  Nashville, TN
Material:  Molded Fiberglass Grating IFR25 Slate Grey Panels
Application:  Balcony Handrail Infills at a Condominium Complex

Direct Metals® supplied 2,166 sq. ft. or 116 pieces of IFR25 Slate Grey custom architectural molded fiberglass grating panels for the balcony handrail infills at a condominium complex in Nashville, TN. The fiberglass handrail infills measured 1.5" thick and were sanded smooth. The mesh pattern was a custom 2-3/8" x 8-1/2" rectangle, providing strength and a high open area for clean sight lines. The molded fiberglass grating material was chosen for this application because of its corrosion resistance and durable properties that help the handrail infills hold up to weather conditions. One of the advantages of the fiberglass is the color is throughout the product, not on the surface, such as paint on a metal railing. This enables color consistency over time if the panels are ever bumped, scratched or damaged. Fiberglass handrail infills are available in multiple colors and are easy to fabricate to meet project specifications.

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