Fiberglass Covered Grating

Fiberglass covered grating from Direct Metals® is corrosion resistant, low maintenance, and strong. This long-lasting fiberglass floor product combines a slip-resistant plate and fiberglass grating, manufactured with any of our resin systems. Our fiberglass covered grating is the ideal choice when a 100% covered flooring surface is needed. It is available with a plate which is bonded to molded or pultruded grating.



Advantages of Fiberglass Covered Grating:

  • Corrosion resistant
  • Slip resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Strong, solid top
  • Increased product stiffness
  • Offers sure footing
  • Prevents contamination to work surfaces below
  • ADA Compliant
  • Universal - any type of grating can be covered



Our fiberglass covered grating is often used in loading and storage areas with high foot and cart traffic, where a strong, level surface is ideal. It offers approximately 50% higher stiffness values than that of open mesh grating, and its standard grit-top cover assures secure footing.


There are many projects and applications for our fiberglass covered grating, such as food processing facilities, where covered grating walkways prevent contamination to conveyor or work surfaces below. Fiberglass covered grating also provides:

  • Walking surface and controls subsurface odors
  • Walkways over tank tops
  • Vats and solid flooring
  • Used as access panels to hide cables or other protected items


Fiberglass covered grating proves especially important in covering vats and solid flooring, where high heels might present a tripping hazard with an open mesh grating. Fiberglass covered grating has a fiberglass gritted plate cover fastened to a grating panel. Our fiberglass covered grating is available in standard panel sizes with either a 1/8-inch or 1/4-inch thick plate applied to standard depths of grating. Fiberglass covered grating is available in all of our resin systems and a variety of colors to best suit your application or project.


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