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Standard expanded metal is also known as raised expanded metal. Expanded metal from Direct Metals® is durable, economical, versatile, and easy to install. It is die cut and stretched on an expanded metal press. The strands and bonds of the expanded metal are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the expanded metal sheet. This gives the product added strength and rigidity, while maintaining skid resistance and maximum air circulation. The diamond shaped openings have a slightly raised surface, which assists in maintaining the metal’s skid resistance properties.



Features of Standard Expanded Metal

  • Economical
  • Durable
  • Extremely versatile
  • Easy installation
  • Low resistance to wind loads
  • Easily cut to fit
  • Many material options, such as carbon steel, stainless, galvanized, and aluminum expanded metal
  • Skid resistant



Direct Metals® stocks standard expanded metal in stainless, carbon steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and other metal alloys in a wide variety of gauges and opening sizes. If a finished edge is required, U-edging is available in different materials to match.


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There are countless applications for standard expanded metal. Since it is versatile, economical, and easy to install it is an ideal choice for many of these applications:

  • Expanded metal guards
  • Expanded metal fencing
  • Expanded metal panels
  • Expanded metal grating
  • Expanded metal grilles
  • Expanded metal screens
  • Expanded metal greenhouses
  • Expanded metal walkways
  • Expanded metal infill panels


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Direct Metals® supplies standard expanded metal in the following sizes:


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