Ribbon Mesh Expanded Metal

Ribbon mesh expanded metal from Direct Metals® is cost effective, functional, aesthetically pleasing, versatile, and strong. Direct Metals® is an expanded metal supplier that carries ribbon mesh expanded metal that is both functional and attractive. Ribbon mesh expanded metal is an architectural expanded metal with solid bands of ribbon-like contoured shapes that are built into an expanded sheet.


Features of Ribbon Mesh Expanded Metal:

  • Cost effective
  • Versatile
  • Aesthetically appealing
  • Customizable patterns
  • Available in many materials, such as aluminum, stainless steel, carbon steel, and galvanized




Direct Metals® offers many options to make this expanded metal product truly unique to your metal project. We carry a wide variety of patterns, including diamond, square, hexagonal, circular, and architectural. Our ribbon mesh expanded metal is also available in a variety of materials, including:

  • Aluminum expanded metal
  • Nickel expanded metal
  • Titanium expanded metal
  • Copper expanded metal
  • Galvanized expanded metal
  • Carbon steel expanded metal
  • Stainless steel expanded metal


We can also apply a range of finishes and custom fabrication patterns to suit any ribbon mesh expanded metal project. Some of our processing capabilities include cutting, shearing, laser, plasma and water jet cutting, stamping, drilling, blanking, welding, sawing, punching, rolling, and slitting.


Since ribbon mesh expanded metal is both versatile and cost effective, it is used for a variety of applications. Some of the most common applications include:

  • Expanded Metal sunscreens
  • Expanded Metal building facades
  • Expanded Metal sign panels
  • Expanded Metal cladding
  • Expanded Metal grilles
  • Expanded Metal wall panels
  • Expanded Metal ceiling tiles
  • Expanded Metal ornamental features
  • Expanded Metal display units


Perforated/Expanded Metal Catalog


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