Bar Grating Case Studies


Location:  Atlanta, GA (near Sweet Auburn Curb Market and Krog Street Market)
General Contractor:  Pace Properties, Trammell Crow
Material:  3/16" & 1-1/2" Serrated 7TW4 Galvanized Fabricated Bar Grating Panels & Stair Treads. Bearing Bars are 7/16" on center which is ADA approved and high heel safe for walking traffic.
Product Amount:  57,000 lbs./139 pieces
Application:  Access ramp, platforms and stairs connecting the Edgewood Avenue bridge to the Atlanta BeltLine’s Eastside Trail

Direct Metals supplied 57,000 lbs. and 139 pieces of 3/16" & 1-1/2" serrated 7TW4 galvanized fabricated bar grating panels as part of Atlanta’s Historic Fourth Ward BeltLine project—a new greenspace for the neighborhood to gather. The material was used to create an access ramp, platforms and stairs connecting the Edgewood Avenue bridge to the BeltLine’s Eastside Trail. This allows the trail’s pedestrians and bicyclists to enter the trail from residences and local eateries on and around Edgewood Avenue. The access ramp and stairs also give pedestrians and bicyclists an alternate route to the popular Sweet Auburn Curb Market and Krog Street Market nearby.

Historic Fourth Ward Beltline Access Ramp, Platforms & Stairs (PDF)

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Location:  Wrigley Field - Chicago, IL
Material:  Bar Grating Panels
Application:  New scoreboard structure inside the ballpark

Direct Metals is honored to have taken part in a massive construction project inside the renowned Wrigley Field in Chicago. We supplied 4 floors of bar grating inside the new scoreboard structure. Our product was shipped to Wrigley Field from our service center in nearby Waukegan, IL.

Wrigley Field Stadium New Scoreboard Structure (PDF)

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Location:  Killdeer Wetlands - Cook County, IL
Material:  2-1/2" x 3/16" 7P4 Press Locked Galvanized Steel Grating
Product Amount:  56 pieces 36" x 96" to cover an area 1280 square feet
Application:  Tinley Creek Pedestrian Bridge Floor Grating

Direct Metals supplied 56 pieces of 2-1/2" x 3/16" 7P4 Press Locked galvanized steel grating as part of the site improvement plans for Tinley Creek Forest Preserve in Cook County, IL—just outside of Chicago. Counter sunk lands were used to mechanically fasten down the grating. The galvanized metal grating is meets ADA requirements and is being used as steel flooring for the pedestrian bridge located in the Killdeer Wetlands.

Tinley Creek Forest Preserve Pedestrian Bridge (PDF)

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Location:  Washington Street Bridge - Grayslake, IL
Material:  Serrated Galvanized 19W4 Bar Grating
Product Size:  1-1/2" x 3/16"
Product Amount:  914 sq. ft.
Application:  Walkway grating on each side of the new Washington Street Railroad Bridge. Direct Metals delivered 914 sq. ft. of 1-1/2" x 3/16" Serrated Galvanized 19W4 Bar Grating from our warehouse in Waukegan, IL down the road to Grayslake, IL for the village’s Washington Street Overpass project.

The project consisted of 22 unique part sizes totaling 90 pieces. Each piece was notched and banded to fit around the girder stiffeners and handrail posts. The grating was attached to the structure using galvanized saddle clips and self taping screws.

The new Washington Street Railroad Bridge is built over Washington Street and eliminates the current at-grate railroad crossing.

Serrated bar grating is a great choice for walkway flooring because it provides extra grip for walking. Bar grating allows precipitation to pass through its open spaces, keeping rain, snow and ice from accumulating on the walkway’s surface, further reducing the chance for slips by pedestrians.

Washington Street Bridge Pedestrian Walkway (PDF)

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