The Benefits of Architectural Metal for Your Application

Direct Metals® is an architectural metal manufacturer of products that are versatile, lightweight and economical.  We can customize the metal with a wide range of styles, materials, and finishes. Architectural metal, which includes wire mesh, perforated metal, expanded metal, and bar grating, has many benefits to suit your project’s specifications.

Our architectural metal is a durable material that can replace heavy wall coverings. This makes it easier and faster for installation. Decorative metal can be used for exterior applications without being easily damaged by extreme environmental factors, such as water damage and corrosion. Placing the architectural metal in interior applications offers an aesthetically pleasing view and extremely long-life span, which cuts down on maintenance costs.

Architectural metal is also a very lightweight material compared to others, which helps reduce the load requirements for building components and lowers the costs for complex installation. It is also very malleable and can be formed into complex shapes, such as curves or 3-dimensional, which can enhance the appeal of your structure.

At Direct Metals®, we take pride in our sustainable architectural metal products. These metals are recyclable which makes them environmentally friendly. Recycling the metal reduces the cost and labor.

You can expect long lasting quality products from a trusted architectural metal manufacturer. To place an order with Direct Metals® for architectural metal products, please contact us at 1-800-711-4939, email us at, or request a quote online.



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