Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Uses and Benefits

Strong and workable with a shiny luster, stainless steel wire mesh is appealing for the aesthetics of architectural wire mesh applications. Economical, versatile, and lightweight, this product can be used in any architectural, industrial, or commercial project

There are many stainless wire mesh types available to suit any number of corrosive or high temperature specialized wire mesh applications. Both T304 and T316 stainless steel are available for interior and exterior wire mesh applications.

Stainless Steel Filters & Stampings

Stainless-steel wire mesh filters can be used in conjunction with expanded metal and perforated metal. Stainless wire mesh can be used for filtration in various environmental conditions. These filters can be customized by size, layers, and weaving styles. Fabricated filters are available in many configurations.

Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Screen

Perfectly suited for a wide array of architectural and functional purposes, wire mesh is used in all kinds of filters.  These filtration uses span various industries such as chemical, medical, rubber, and plastic products fields. Stainless steel screens are also utilized in various industries, such as:

  • Food ProcessingFiltration and separation
  • Electronics, Computers & Communication – Microphone, speaker, ventilation fan screens, EMI/RFI shielding, and glare control
  • Construction & Architecture – Handrails, decorative components, pest control, and security screens
  • Farming & Agriculture – Filters & safety guards for farming equipment, livestock cages, and crop process screens
  • Pharmaceuticals & Medical Equipment – Sterilization baskets & trays, process screens, test sieves, and centrifuge screens
  • Environment Control – Air & water filters, filter media, ground water testing, and waste treatment
  • Transportation – Air, oil & fuel filters & strainers, grilles, trim, protective components, fuel cells
  • Ship Building – Filters, strainers, vents, & safety guards
  • Aerospace & Aviation – Wind tunnel flow screens, fuel filters, RFI/EMI shielding, and sound reduction components
  • Gas, Energy, Oil Refining & Chemicals – Cathode screens, catalysts, mud screens, fuel cells, and separator screens
  • Consumer Products – Animal cages, heater & fan guards, filter & vent screens, and infrared screens for ranges, microwaves, & heaters
  • Home Decor – wall art, baskets, clip boards, storage, lamps, and tabletop art

Direct Metals® adheres to the highest standard for industrial woven wire cloth, ASTM E2016-99. We check the gauge dimensions, chemical makeup, and tensile strength prior to beginning the weaving process. We check wire tension, opening size, and mesh count during the weaving process to make sure the wire cloth matches the specifications.

Whether you are looking for a lightweight material like aluminum mesh or a more heavy-duty material like stainless steel wire mesh, you will find it here at Direct Metals®, a trusted wire mesh supplier. Request your quote today!

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