Keeping it Safe with Safety Grating

Direct Metals® is finding new ways to engineer a safer workplace with their safety grating products. Safety grating is a great solution to prevent injuries at the workplace and reduces the cost of operation. We have a wide variety of safety grating options that is adaptable for any workspace. The materials we offer for safety grating include stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum, and steel. Direct Metals® offers many metal grating products that will help you provide a safe and secure workplace including Grip Strut™ safety grating, Traction Tread™ metal grating, Grate-Lock™ steel floor grating, and Perf-O Grip™ safety grating.

You can keep accidents preventable using Direct Metals® high strength to weight performance and high load capacity Grip Strut™ safety grating. Our Grip Strut™ safety grating offers a serrated surface to create traction and prevent workers from slipping. Grip Strut™ is ideal for hazardous locations which can be located indoors or outdoors depending on your work environment. We recommend installing the Grip Strut™ on commercial and industrial walkways where there is high foot traffic to prevent accidents.

Direct Metals® Traction Tread™ metal grating is the practical ADA compliant choice that can be customized for your workspace. The Traction Tread™ metal grating has hundreds of perforated buttons that provide a slip-resistant surface when walking in work boots. If you have areas with high traffic, it is important to have Traction Treads™ installed to keep accidents at bay. Our Traction Tread™ metal grating is available in steel safety flooring, planks, ladder rungs, and stair treads. Traction Tread™ steel safety flooring and slip resistant stair treads are readily available in stock sheets or planks designed for secondary steel fabrication requirements.

Our Grate-Lock™ steel floor grating interlocks planks with slip resistant treads and accessories to provide a safe and substantial footing with a ventilated rung design. The Grate-Lock™ offers an increase in performance load with hundreds of sole-gripping dimples that ensure a safe surface for all environments. You can order our Grate-Lock™ steel grating with or without the traction grip, which makes it uniquely suited for rack decks or clean rooms. With the open metal grating design, the Grate-Lock™ prevents build-up of hazardous materials that cause slips or trips.

The Perf-O Grip™ is the perfect safety grating solution for a variety of environments with many applications. Perf-O Grip™ is designed to have a long-life span with little maintenance and is also self-cleaning due to the resilience of the walking surface. The installation process is quick and easy with the self-framing metal grating planks. Direct Metals® offers custom Perf-O Grip™ safety grating since it is highly adaptable and can be used for cost effective metal fabrication processes.

You can expect outstanding quality for every safety grating product that Direct Metals® provides. If you are interested in steel, stainless steel, or aluminum safety grating products, please contact us at 1-800-711-4939 or email us at for a quote.


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