How Slip Resistant Stair Treads Can Make Your Workplace Safer

Safety is a top priority in most industrial and manufacturing workplaces. However, every year industrial accidents happen that cost millions of dollars in lost man hours and production. Often these accidents are preventable, and they range from falling, tripping over debris, or slipping on wet or greasy surfaces.

Slip resistant stair treads from Direct Metals® can help you prevent workplace accidents since they are ideal for industrial facilities or outdoor sites where slippery conditions may exist. Our Grip Strut™ stair treads and metal safety grating are used to manufacture metal walkways, steel safety flooring, and slip resistant stair treads. These stair treads have serrated surfaces that grip the soles of work boots which reduces on the job accidents and makes metal stairways safer for employees.

We also offer serrated bar grating stair treads that are specifically designed to offer protection against slips in areas prone to oil or other hazardous elements. The stair treads are available with metal nosing types including checker plate, cast abrasive, or aluminum grooved nosing for increased slip resistance.

In addition to making your workplace safer, we also supply slip resistant fiberglass grating stair treads that are often used in applications at amusement parks, water parks, and restaurants for pedestrian and customer safety. Our fiberglass stair treads can still be used for workplace safety, such as stairways in chemical plants, food processing facilities, or wastewater treatment facilities. If your manufacturing plant has older stairs, we offer slip resistant fiberglass stair tread covers that are an excellent retro fit solution. Many industries utilize fiberglass stair treads because they are corrosion resistant and have a long product life.

Ready to make your workplace safer? Request a quote for our slip resistant stair treads today!


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