Help Prevent Work Injuries with Metal Safety Grating & Stair Treads

Statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission show that “floors and flooring materials contribute to more than 2 million fall injuries each year” [1]. Many of these injuries are a result of poorly chosen safety materials used for walkways and stairs in industrial settings.

By choosing the right flooring for an application, you are preventing injuries and creating a safe working surface, saving money, and following OSHA guidelines.


Grip StrutSafety Grating & Stair Treads

This product is used to create walkways, steel safety flooring, and slip resistant stair treads. With their open diamond pattern, it allows for liquids and debris to pass through, eliminating the possibility of a puddle or piece of material causing a fall. It also features a serrated surface that increases slip protection. The slip resistant stair treads have a high strength-to-weight performance for a longer life and safer work environment.

The Grip Strut™ Grating is great for applications that involve heights, outdoor environments, and slippery situations that can benefit from extra grip strength.


Traction TreadSafety Grating

This grating has hundreds of perforated buttons that provide slip resistance. Offering a safe walking surface, it’s great for applications like steel safety flooring, planks, ladder rungs, and slip resistant stair treads. Available in multiple materials and sizes, this is an easily adaptable product.

This safety grating is ideal for industrial applications as well as commercial spaces where pedestrian traffic is common.


Grate-LockSafety Grating

Grate-Lock™ Safety Grating involves a system of interlocking planks, slip resistant stair treads, and other accessories. Ideal for mezzanine floors, inspection work platforms, stair treads, and catwalks, the Grate-Lock™ features an anti-skid design to increase safety. The open grating design allows for materials to pass through preventing build up. The steel grating and stair treads have the option to be ordered with or without the traction grip depending on your application.

This would be best suited for rack decks, clean rooms, or other unique applications that require superior strength and reliability.


Perf-O GripSafety Grating

These safety grating and stair treads create non-slip commercial and industrial floor grating for various applications. Large, debossed holes in the stair treads provide a way for liquid, debris, and air to pass through. This grating also features embossed buttons for increased traction on floor grating and stair treads. The metal slip resistant stair treads are pre-punched with holes allowing the treads to be bolted to the stair stringers.

This metal is highly adaptable and can be used in many environments that involve changing weather conditions. Low maintenance and self-cleaning this product is great for industrial applications that would benefit from these features.


Direct Metals® provides safe and slip resistant metal stair treads and safety grating for industrial and commercial applications. By using grating with features that increase slip resistance (holes and perforated buttons) you’re preventing work injuries and keeping your workers safe.

Our Safety Grating and Stair Tread products are available in various materials, sizes, and shapes to fit your specific applications. Request your quote today!



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