Fiberglass Grating for Workplace and Recreational Safety

Fiberglass grating is known for its strength, durability, corrosion resistance, and slip resistance.

It has a moderately high strength to weight ratio, is flexible, and can be made into various shapes [1]. Because of these properties, many industries use fiberglass grating products for multiple applications to ensure workplace and recreational safety.

The recreational industry uses fiberglass grating in areas with heavy foot traffic to prevent accidents.  Waterparks, swimming centers, and outdoor amusement parks are known to utilize fiberglass grating for their walkways and stairs to prevent employees and guests from slipping on wet surfaces or drowning. Fiberglass grating also prevents drains from becoming congested from rust and erosion.

Chemical plants, manufacturing facilities, and food processing plants use fiberglass grating to protect equipment from corroding from powerful chemicals, cleaning products, and hazardous liquids.

The marine industry uses fiberglass grating to protect the docks from the damage seawater and storms cause over time. The strong material gives the docks a durable, sturdy, and long-lasting life.

As a fiberglass grating supplier, Direct Metals® offers a full line of molded, pultruded, and heavy-duty fiberglass grating products that ensure safety and protection to individuals and industrial equipment. Fiberglass grating is a popular choice amongst many industries because it is extremely versatile and low-cost.

Learn more about which fiberglass grating products best suit your needs today!


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