Fiberglass Grating for Marine Applications

Summer is in full swing! When you’re out on the water, you might recognize our fiberglass grating being used on dock walkways and boat ramps.

Fiberglass reinforced plastic (FRP) grating is manufactured by combining a matrix of resin and glass fibers. That makes it a composite material. (1)

It’s often used because of its high corrosion resistance. Fiberglass grating is salt resistant, algae resistant, chemical resistant and is also essentially maintenance free.

Fiberglass Grating Benefits:

As a fiberglass grating supplier, we offer products that can be used to build, renew, or repair walkway surfaces on docks, piers, marinas, pontoons, and other waterfront facilities.

Marine grating manufacturers also supply fiberglass grating for fountains and aquariums. The fiberglass floor grating can be used to support media including rocks aiding in circulation and filtration.

Fiberglass Grating Products:

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