Direct Metals Wire Mesh by Industry

Wire mesh is one of the most versatile specialty metal products that can be used effectively in countless applications globally.

Civil Engineering Applications

Woven wire mesh is often utilized in civil engineering applications, such as bridge construction. The use of wire mesh for bridges was chosen mainly for safety reasons. The mesh offers safe fall protection for people while protecting the railways below from falling debris. (1) Direct Metals® has provided welded wire mesh for bridges, including the 25th Avenue Bridge in Melrose Park, IL.

Warehouses, Distribution Centers, and Industrial Facilities

The typical size of woven wire mesh is ideal for simple wire partition applications such as tool cribs, inventory control cages, and protected storage cages used in warehouses, distribution centers, and industrial facilities. (1)

Fishing and Marine Applications

Many organizations in the fishing and marine industry enjoy using our PVC wire mesh due to its corrosion resistant properties that hold up to the harsh saltwater environments.

Zoos and Animal Sanctuaries

Our heavy-duty wire mesh is ideal for zoos and animal sanctuaries as they can contain their small and large animal exhibits with peace of mind. Our steel wire mesh is lightweight, so it is also great for aviary construction and kennels.

Aerospace and Oil/Gas Industries

The Aerospace industry relies on our stainless-steel wire mesh filters to prevent contaminants from making its way into the plane systems, such as dirt and debris. These also assist in filtering the air throughout the plane.

Our wire mesh is available in the following material types.

Direct Metals® is a wire mesh supplier that provides a variety of wire mesh styles and materials to fulfill any of your project needs. For more information regarding wire mesh,  request a quote today!



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4 Industrial And Commercial Applications Of Woven Wire Mesh


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