Direct Metals® Safety Grating by Industry

Every year, workplace accidents cost companies millions of dollars in lost man hours and production. Workers’ compensation and medical costs associated with workplace accidents have been estimated at $70 billion annually in the United States [1].

Direct Metals® is a safety grating supplier that designs safety grating products that reduce accident rates by providing a safer walking/working surface for employees. Our safety grating products have an anti-slip surface which allows for the drainage of fluids, mud, chips, and other accident-causing debris.

Direct Metals® Safety Grating Products:

The chemical, agriculture, hospitality, entertainment, and manufacturing industries use our safety grating products to prevent slips and falls on stairs, ladders, crossover platforms, bridges, ramps, mezzanines, and more.

Direct Metals® is a safety grating supplier that provides a variety of safety grating styles and patterns. Direct Metals® can fulfill any of your project needs. For more information regarding safety grating,  request a quote today!


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