Direct Metals Expanded Metals by Industry

Expanded metal is a popular product that industries use for multiple applications. It is formed when expanded metal sheets are slit and stretched, causing the metal to form openings that allow for the passage of light, air, heat, and sound. Expanded metal typically has a diamond shaped profile that can absorb energy and resist mechanical deformation after installation [1].

Direct Metals® is an expanded metal supplier that offers a wide range of specialty metal products to various industries. Expanded metal is highly favored because it is cost-efficient to manufacture and install.

Industries That Direct Metals® Serves with Their Expanded Metal

The chemical, nuclear, manufacturing, and electrical industries use expanded metal to protect industrial machinery and electrical equipment, restrict access to dangerous areas, provide sturdy walkways and fire escapes, and more.

Direct Metals® is also responsible for supplying expanded metal sheets to the construction industry to repair and build roads, bridges, railways, ramps, grids, and flooring.

Commercial industries, such as hospitality, food & beverage, and entertainment, use Direct Metals® expanded metal mesh to build fences, railings, and walkways to provide public safety. Along with expanded metal mesh, commercial industries use architectural expanded metal to add an appealing flair to buildings. Photographic images can be printed on the surface, creating textures or large graphic images that allow light to filter through the external surface of a building [1].

Direct Metals® is an expert expanded metal supplier. Depending on your project, we have a variety of options to fit your specific needs. For more information regarding expanded metals, please view our catalog or contact us today!


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