Direct Metals® Architectural Metal by Industry

Architectural metal products are used in a variety of industries to display an aesthetic look, yet functional use. Industries such as food & beverage, hospitality, entertainment, construction, and manufacturing use architectural [1] metal products for their projects!

As an architectural metal supplier, Direct Metals® has served many industries with their wire mesh, perforated metal, expanded metal, and bar grating products.

Industries Served with Architectural Metal

High-traffic areas like concert halls, stadiums, and public gathering facilities benefit from architectural metal because of its attractiveness and security. Wire mesh is commonly used in these venues because of the artistic twist it brings to walls, ceilings, security screens, room dividers, and fencing.

Architectural perforated metal is excellent for any industry trying to diffuse light, air, sound, or more. Perforated metal is suitable for any architectural application because its durable, versatile, and decorative. Perforated metal can be used in benches, drain covers, signs, furniture, and trash receptacles.

Architectural metal suppliers, such as Direct Metals® in Atlanta, Georgia, provide metal to create

an architectural flair for industries that use sunshades, privacy barriers, and shelving. Decorative expanded metal is adaptable to any project and serves as a beautiful and secure end product.

Architectural metal bar grating is designed for public walkways, stair treads, vents, flooring, and drain systems. Metal bar grating serves an industrial and architectural purpose in facilities such as chemical plants, oil and gas refineries, and food processing plants. This visually pleasing metal is highly functional and prevents hazards in heavy foot traffic.

Direct Metals® is a proud architectural metal supplier that can custom design specialty metal to fit your industrial or architectural needs.

To learn more about the benefits and uses of architectural metal, visit our architectural metal page or request your quote today


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