Common Applications for Stainless Wire Mesh

Stainless steel mesh is a type of wire product used in many applications. The mesh may include an exceptionally fine weave or one with a larger opening, depending on the type of function the product is designed to fulfill. Dutch weave wire cloth can be used when you need finer filtration in your part. Wire mesh is typically easy to form and fabricate for specific uses while also providing a reasonable level of durability. [1]

Benefits of Stainless Wire Mesh

  • Durability
  • Chemical resistance
  • Workability
  • Strength and durability
  • Nonferrous properties

With one the largest wire mesh, perforated metal and fiberglass inventories in the nation, we provide fast and reliable shipping of stainless wire mesh to a variety of industries.

Industries Served with Direct Metals® Stainless Steel Mesh

  • Aerospace
  • Architecture
  • Chemical
  • Food Production and Processing
  • Mining
  • Petroleum
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Filter Industry

Corrosion Resistant Wire Mesh Outdoor Deck Panels for Salt Air Environment

Stainless steel mesh can be used in the following applications:

Food Preparation & Processing

  • Used to produce items such as barbeque grills, sieves, deep frying baskets, and domed food covers

Building & Construction

Oil Refineries


  • Used in applications such as compost bins, chicken coops, fencing, planters, pest control, livestock barriers, equipment repairs, soil, or grain sifting

No matter your application, we have the stainless steel mesh to serve your needs in woven, welded, and stainless steel wire mesh screen. Request your quote today!


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