4 Things You Should Know About Maintaining Your Metal Stair Treads

Safety in the workplace requires continuous adaptations. Secure the safety of your employees one step at a time with our high-quality metal stair treads! At Direct Metals®, we craft durable stair treads to suit numerous industries like indoor/outdoor sporting facilities, resorts, food processing facilities, chemical facilities, and more.

Our stair treads come in a wide variety of materials such as carbon steel, galvanized, aluminum or stainless steel. As a leader in the industrial metal and fiberglass products industry, we also offer many options for tread widths and lengths. Such a variety of choices means that you will always find the perfect metal stair treads for your facility. However, choosing the right set of metal stair treads is only half of the process. After installation, maintaining your stair treads is a vital part of keeping your employees safe while on the job.

Although most materials are resistant to corrosion and rust, regular maintenance can ensure that your stair treads stand the test of time. This results in more bang for your buck!




  1. Clearing Debris

Over time, debris can build up on metal stair treads. Regularly clearing stair treads of debris will enhance traction, which increases safety and slip prevention.

  1. Washing

When it comes to cleaning, metal stair treads are easily cleaned with soap and water. You can find a cleaning solution to remove dirt, grease, or oil at any store, whether it be regular dish soap or floor cleaner. It’s important to be sure to dry them completely after washing to prevent accidental slippage.

  1. Applying Primers or Coatings

Covering metal stair treads with paint or coatings not only preserves the life of your stair treads, but they can also make your facility more aesthetically pleasing. Before painting, be sure to remove any excess rust from the material to ensure optimal coverage.

  1. Installing Protectors


We offer easy to install fiberglass stair nosings, fiberglass stair tread covers, molded fiberglass stair treads, and pultruded stair treads to form highly visible and durable edges at the primary point of contact on stairs and landings. Protectors can shield exposed edges that are prone to chipping and cracking to improve slip and corrosion resistance.

At Direct Metals®, we provide safe and slip resistant metal and safety grating for industrial and commercial applications. By using metal stair treads with features that increase slip resistance (holes and perforated buttons) you can prevent work injuries and keep your workers safe.

We focus on providing our customers with high quality metal products to meet the standards of your facility. You can find a wide range of Stair Treads and Safety Grating on our website in various materials and sizes. We also offer a broad range of floor covering materials to enhance the safety of your stair treads. Request your quote today!


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