5 Common Problems with Metal Stair Treads and How to Fix Them

Although most people dread taking the stairs, they play a significant role in our safety. If you are late for an event, a crowded or out-of-order elevator will increase your appreciation for stairs. Stairs connect multiple levels and facilitate movement within a space. Stair treads, the horizontal part of a stair where your foot lands,…
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4 Things You Should Know About Maintaining Your Metal Stair Treads

Safety in the workplace requires continuous adaptations. Secure the safety of your employees one step at a time with our high-quality metal stair treads! At Direct Metals®, we craft durable stair treads to suit numerous industries like indoor/outdoor sporting facilities, resorts, food processing facilities, chemical facilities, and more. Our stair treads come in a wide…
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Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Uses and Benefits

Strong and workable with a shiny luster, stainless steel wire mesh is appealing for the aesthetics of architectural wire mesh applications. Economical, versatile, and lightweight, this product can be used in any architectural, industrial, or commercial project There are many stainless wire mesh types available to suit any number of corrosive or high temperature specialized…
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Direct Metals® New Warehouse Expansion and What It Means For You

Since 1996, Direct Metals® has served the specialty metal and fiberglass needs of customers throughout the United States. To keep up with high demand, we had two inventory warehouses in Atlanta, GA and Chicago, IL. We are excited to announce that we have moved the Waukegan, IL warehouse to an even larger location in Pleasant…
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