Below are the most common questions that we encounter. If your question isn't answered here, please contact us.

How quickly can we expect our order to ship?
Stock orders entered before noon will ship the same day. After noon, they will ship the next day. Processed or fabricated orders take longer depending what has to be done.
What is transit time from your plant to mine?
Of course that depends on where you are, but with the availability of motor carriers and the competitive nature of their business, “next day” can be achieved within several hundred miles of our plants. Second day delivery will usually be the case in other instances.
Will you cut-to-size?
We will cut anything in our inventory to your specifications. In some cases we have to charge for the entire stock size piece but we will always ask if we should ship the drops along with the finished part.
Can you carry my special sizes?
Yes, we like this kind of business with certain commitments from the customer. This will help ensure quick delivery times for you.
What is your return policy?
We will take anything back if it originally came from us, is in good condition and is a normally stocked item. There would be a minimal charge to cover expenses in doing so. In the event of our error or a quality problem which is not your own, the material can be returned after approval, at no cost to the customer.
What are your cutting tolerances?
Depending on the product, from +/- 1/16” to +/- 1/8”. Special fabrications may require slightly greater tolerances.
Can you supply drawings?
Yes, for more detailed grating fabrication jobs. We often do this for approval and for erection.
What are your hours of operation?
Our normal hours are 8:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M., E.S.T.
Can you export to my foreign based plant?
Yes! We export through all U.S.A. ports.
Is your pricing competitive?
Yes! With the volume of our purchases and our attention to operating expenses, our costs are very well controlled and we pass these advantages along to our customers.
Can you help me with technical questions?
Our people are experienced and well trained. While they are not architects or engineers, they can answer many of your questions. When questions arise that are outside their area of expertise, often they will be able to help by consulting with others inside or outside of our company. In some instances, they may refer you to another source.
What kind of quality control do you have?
It is very simple - “measure twice and cut once”. Our materials are closely inspected and labeled on arrival in our warehouse and again on shipment to our customers. At least two people are involved in this inspection process, both in and out. Shipping a quality product is a matter of our reputation and nothing else takes precedence.
Can you help with OSHA and the ADA?
Yes! We have much experience in that area and our GRIP STRUT safety grating is used on many projects where slipping is a problem and OSHA is an issue. We sell close spaced gratings that satisfy the ADA requirement. Our large opening wire mesh is used widely as handrail panels which satisfy the OSHA standards. All of our products have some applications where safety is an issue.

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If ordered by noon, in stock material can ship same day.

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