Wire Glossary

Common Terminology for Wire Products:

 Glossary of wire products section of our catalog (PDF)

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A rolling operation which flattens the knuckles of wire cloth giving it a smoother surface.

Undulations in warp and fill wires which hold each other in place.

Fill Wire:
Also known as shute wire, wire running across the width of the cloth.

Filter Cloth:
Cloth used for flattening or straining (primarily plain and twilled dutch wire cloth and certain specifications of square mesh and off-count standard wire cloth).

Flat Top:
Top surface of wires all lie in same plane. Irregular crimped surface on underside.

Hardware Cloth:
Plain weave square mesh cloth of relatively light wire galvanized after weaving or welding (usually between 2 to 8 openings per lineal inch).

Wires are crimped in a zigzag fashion with intersections at every 3rd, 5th, or 7th, etc., crimp or pocket.

Lock Crimp:
Distinct crimp or pocket at wire intersection with straight connecting sections of wire.

Market Grade:
Applies to wire cloth specifications most commonly used for general work. Market grade cloth is made of one size wire for each size closed mesh.

1/1000 millimeter, 0.00003937 inch. The unit of measure for particle retention of filter media.

Oil Tempered Wire:
High carbon steel wire that is heat treated to produce good strength and abrasion resistance.

Dimension between parallel adjacent wires.

Plain Weave:
Wires are crimped in a zigzag fashion with wires intersecting at every available crimp or pocket.

Rectangular Mesh:
Wire cloth with different warp and fill wire mesh counts which results in rectangular openings. The most common have a higher warp mesh than filter mesh. Advantages are increased open area and reduced cost.

The finished edges of wire cloth running the length of the roll which are produced by the weaving operation.

Steel Mesh:
Number of openings per lineal inch, measured from center of wire to center of wire, as in stainless steel mesh.

Space Screen:
Wire cloth specified by the opening size rather than by the mesh count, as in stainless steel screen.

Square Mesh:
Mesh with equal spacing of warp and shute to give square openings.

Warp Wire:
Foundation wires running parallel to the length of the cloth.

Pattern in which wires are interwoven.

Wire Diameter or Gauge:
Diameter of wire used in weaving cloth.

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