Safety Grating Glossary

Glossary & Explanation of Common Safety Grating Terminology:

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Allowable Concentrated Load (C):
Values indicated in the rows labeled "C" are the lowest of the (1) maximum allowable concentrated load considering channel flexure (Figure II below), with both channels effective, and (2) the maximum allowable strut load (Cs) for a 1-ft. long sample (Figure I below).

Allowable Uniform Load (U):
Values indicated in the rows adjacent to "U" are of the (1) maximum allowable uniform loads considering channel flexure and (2) maximum grating surface flexure.

Deflection Corresponding to "C":
Deflection values indicated below "C" values in the tables are the mid-span, side channel deflections produced when the allowable concentrated load is placed at mid-span.

Deflection Corresponding to "U":
Deflection values are indicated below the uniform loads and are the mid-span side channel deflections for the planks carrying the allowable uniform loads (Figure III below).

Concentrated Strut Load, Concentrated Load, Uniform Load

Hot rolled Steel:
Steel that has been heated, flattened then coiled in a large roll.

Pickled steel:
A process to chemically remove scale or oxide from steel to obtain a clean surface.

Federal specification that mandates the anti-slip values for materials used in certain situations.

A row of small sharp projections resembling the teeth of a saw.

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