Grip Strut™ Safety Grating & Stair Treads

Every year, industrial accidents – falling, tripping over debris and slipping on wet or greasy surfaces – cost millions of dollars in lost man-hours and production, all of which could be reduced with safety floor grating. Grip Strut™ safety metal grating helps reduce accident rates by providing a safer walking-working surface more than any other available metal grating product. Our Grip Strut™ safety floor grating serrated surface gives maximum slip protection and performance on steel flooring and metal stair treads under practically all conditions and in every direction. Our Grip Strut™ floor grating will help make your workplace safer for employees.

grip strut 3 diamond plank

The serrated surface on this metal grating is designed in an open diamond pattern. This metal grating allows drainage of fluids, mud, chips and other accident-causing debris. The 24” wide Grip Strut walking grating has 4-1/2" toe boards formed into the panel, Grip Strut™ safety metal grating walkways meet OSHA requirements for toe boards on elevated structures.

Grip Strut™ safety grating is used to create non-slip walkways, steel flooring and stair treads. These metal grating planks have a high strength-to-weight performance, which ensures a high load capacity and long life. As safety treads, Grip Strut™ floor grating serrated surfaces grip the soles of work boots, reducing on-the-job accidents on stairways.

No matter what your safety grating application is, we have the perfect Grip Strut™ solution: Regular, Heavy Duty, Walkway, & Stair Treads.

 Grip Strut™ Safe Loading Tables (PDF)

 Grip Strut™ Walkway "H" Series Safe Loading Tables (PDF)

 Complete Grip Strut™ Safety Grating section of our master catalog (PDF)

 Grating Mini Catalog (PDF)

 Grip Strut Grating section of our Mini Grating Catalog (PDF)

11-3/4" wide Galvanized Grip Strut™


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