Grate-Lock™ Safety Grating

grate lock flooring

Grate-Lock™ safety metal grating is a quickly assembled system of interlocking planks, stair treads and accessories. The Grate-Lock™ floor grating system provides safe, substantial footing that is well suited for mezzanine floors, signboard walkways, inspection work platforms, trench covers, stair treads (safety treads) and rack decking.

Our Grate-Lock™ safety metal grating offers increased load performance, with interlocking planks and a "ventilated" rung design. Hundreds of optional sole-gripping dimples ensure a safe steel surface in all kinds of environments. Grate-Lock™ floor grating lets you specify lighter gauge steel for substantial material savings. Grate-Lock™ steel grating can also be ordered with or without the traction grip, making the metal grating uniquely suited for rack decks or clean rooms.

Grate-Lock™ Metal Grating Features

  Grate-Lock™ System Components (PDF)

  Grate-Lock™ Safe Loading Tables (PDF)

 Grate-Lock™ safety grating section of our master catalog (PDF)

 Grating Mini Catalog (PDF)

 Grate-Lock™ Grating section of our Mini Grating Catalog (PDF)

Available Material Options:

3" *, 4" *, 6", 9", 12"
1-1/2" **, 2-1/2", 3", 4"
18, 16, 14
12', 20', 24', Custom Available
Carbon Steel, & G90 Electro-galvanized steel
MG-traction grip & MS-smooth
Flange options :
FM, MM, FF (see diagram)
* 3" & 4" filler plank is solid. FM interlock. ** The 1-1/2" product differs in rung detail and loading capabilities

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