Round Perforated Metal

Round perforated metal is a sheet of material that contains holes punched by a circular die. The diameter of the die can vary from approximately the same thickness of the material being punched to more than 6 inches. We stock round perforated sheet metal in the following sizes:

• 36 inches x 120 inches
• 48 inches x 96 inches
• 48 inches x 120 inches
• 60 inches x 120 inches

Our round perforated metal is extremely versatile and lightweight and is ideal for several applications, including screens, diffusers, guards, filters, vents and more.

The most popular style of perforated metal, round perforated sheet metal, offers the widest selection of diameters, gauges, materials and sheet size options. We carry the staggered row and straight row patterns in flat sheets.

 Round perforated metal section of our catalog (PDF)

 Perforated/Expanded Metal Mini Catalog (PDF)

 Round Perforated Metal section of our Mini Expanded/Perforated Catalog (PDF)

round perforated metal Features of Round Perforated Metal:
• Lightweight
• Extremely versatile
• Economical
• Customizable
• Large open area
• High strength-to-weight ratio
• Decorative
• Many patterns, materials and gauges
• Allows for passage of air, light, sound and liquids
• Provides security
• Provides noise control

Applications for Round Perforated Metal:
• Vents
• Screens
• Guards
• Diffusers
• Strainers
• Grilles
• Washer/dryer drums

Options for Round Perforated Metal:
options for round perforated metal

Many perforations are available. Please ask your Direct Metals salesperson for details.

Perforated Round Hole Sizes (PDF)

1/4" Steel Perforated Metal, 1/4" Round Hole x 3/8" Stagger Center Rolled

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