Fiberglass Handrails & Ladders

Fiberglass Grating Handrails

Direct Metals provides industrial and commercial fiberglass grating railing systems for stair rails, platform/walkway handrails and guardrails. Fiberglass handrail systems are fabricated from pultruded fiberglass components and molded thermoplastic connectors. Our modular fiberglass grating handrail systems are available in 2-inch square or 2-inch round configurations that are easy to grip, making them ideal for any high traffic area.

Our fiberglass grating railing systems withstand corrosive environments, such as those found in industrial, chemical and wastewater treatment plants as well as commercial structures with urban and salt air. Unlike traditional materials such as stainless steel, galvanized steel and pressure treated lumber, pultruded fiberglass can be customized to meet specific corrosion requirements.


Fiberglass grating handrail systems are:
• Corrosion resistant
• Easy to fabricate
• Structurally strong
• Low in thermal conductivity
• High impact resistant
• Non-conductive
• Lightweight

Fiberglass grating handrail systems offer the following advantages:

Fiberglass Grating Ladders and Fiberglass Grating Ladder Cage Systems

Fiberglass grating ladders and fiberglass grating ladder cage systems outlast aluminum and steel in a wide range of industries, including chemical plants and other corrosive environments, even when the ladder systems are completely submerged for extended periods of time. Ladders and cages can be installed in a variety of applications from sumps to tanks, buildings, piers, portable equipment, etc., providing years of strength and dependability.

Produced in a premium grade polyester resin system, fiberglass ladders and ladder cages are flame retardant and contain ultraviolet inhibitor additives. To ensure worker safety, standard fiberglass side rails and cages are pigmented in a highly visible yellow color and the ladder rungs are made from a pultruded fiberglass polyester tube with a fluted non-skid surface, requiring little to no maintenance.

Our fiberglass ladders are fabricated in a standard 18-inch rung width configuration with 12-inch rung spacings. However, custom designed ladders and access cages manufactured precisely to your required dimensions per OSHA standards are available upon request.

We carry a wide variety of fiberglass grating and fiberglass products including Molded Fiberglass Grating, Pultruded Fiberglass Grating, Fiberglass Covered Grating, Bullet Resistant Fiberglass Plate, Heavy Duty Fiberglass Grating, Fiberglass Stair Treads and Fiberglass Stair Tread Covers, Fiberglass Attachments and Fiberglass Clips, Fiberglass Floor Plates and Fiberglass Structural Shapes.

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