Standard Expanded Metal

Standard expanded metal is also referred to as raised expanded metal. Expanded metal is die cut and stretched on an expanded metal press. The strands and bonds are set at a uniform angle to the plane of the expanded metal sheet, giving the product added strength and rigidity while maintaining skid resistance and maximum air circulation. The expanded metal diamond shaped openings have a slightly raised surface.

We stock standard expanded metal in carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel, aluminum alloy and other metal alloys in a wide variety of gauges and opening sizes. If a finished edge is required, U-edging is available in aluminum, carbon steel, stainless steel and galvanized expanded metal sheet.

 Regular Expanded Metal section of our Catalog (PDF)

 Perforated/Expanded Metal Mini Catalog (PDF)

 Regular Expanded Metal section of our Mini Expanded/Perforated Catalog (PDF)

regular expanded metal Features of Standard Expanded Metal:
• Economical
• Durable
• Extremely versatile
• Easy to install
• Low resistance to wind loads
• Easily cut to fit
• Many material options

Common Applications for Standard Expanded Metal:
• Guards
• Fencing
• Panels
• Grating
• Stairs
• Grilles
• Screens
• Greenhouses
• Walkways

Standard expanded metal is available in the following sizes:

3/16" #22 Standard Expanded Metal
1/4" #20 Standard Expanded Metal

1/2" #16 Standard Expanded Metal
3/4" #13 Standard Expanded Metal

1-1/2" #9 Standard Expanded Metal

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