Architectural Expanded Metal

Architectural expanded metal is made from a self-contained piece of metal that has been die cut and stretched into a diamond pattern with architectural flare. The expanded sheet's pattern provides an aesthetically pleasing design while ensuring security and controlling light, heat and visibility.

Our architectural expanded metal can be adapted for use in just about any architectural metal project. It has many practical benefits, including increased security and privacy, improved ventilation and good aesthetics. We stock architectural expanded metal in aluminum, carbon steel and stainless steel in a variety of sizes, weights and finishes.

Features of Architectural Expanded Metal:
• Lightweight
• Strong
• Rigid
• Allows for free passage of air, light, heat, sound
• Adaptable to finishing processes
• Aesthetically appealing
• Available in flattened or standard styles
• Suitable for decorative and functional purposes

Common Applications for Architectural Expanded Metal:
• Sunscreens
• Room dividers
• Building facades
• Security partitions
• Sign panels
• Room panels
• Cladding
• Grilles
• Columns
• Wall panels
• Shelving
• Ceiling tiles
• Ornamental features
• Display units
• Walkways

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