Aluminum Bar Grating

photo of aluminum bar gratingAluminum Bar Grating is a good choice when a lightweight, corrosion resistant material is desired. Choose from many options of aluminum grating such as: flush top, riveted, rectangular bar, plank, & I-bar aluminum bar grating products.

One of the most common methods of manufacturing aluminum grating is through a process known as pressure locking. Pressure locked bar grating as defined by the NAAMM Metal Bar Grating Manual as “Grating in which the cross bars are mechanically locked to the bearing bars at their intersections by deforming or swaging the metal.” Direct Metals has taken advantage of the most modern metal bar grating technology available to provide a permanently attached pressure locked joint which will give your aluminum grating a long lasting life under normal service conditions.

Another one of the most common types of aluminum grating is Aluminum Swaged Grating. With this type of aluminum grating, the square cross bars are assembled through punched holes in rectangular bearing bars and permanently locked into place by a swaging process. We have swaged aluminum grating in stock, so contact us today to place your order.

Aluminum Grating Advantages:

 Complete aluminum bar grating section of our catalog (PDF)

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 Aluminum Bar Grating section of our Mini Grating (PDF)

Aluminum Rectangular Bar:
aluminum rectangular bar gratingThis type of aluminum grating is pressure locked by permanently attaching cross bars to bearing bars through a pressure applied swaging process. Bearing bar sizes range from 1" x 1/8" through 2-1/2" x 3/16" in 1/4" increments. Bearing bar spacing of 1-3/16", 15/16",11/16" and 7/16" c.c., with cross bar spacing of 4" or 2" are available. Where skid resistance is desired, a serrated surface can be provided.  

Aluminum Rectangular Bar Load Table Charts (PDF)
19-SG-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
15-SG-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
11-SG-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
7-SG-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
Aluminum Flush Top:
aluminum flush top bar gratingThis metal grating is a type of pressure locked aluminum grating in which the cross bars are in the same plane relative to the top surface of the bar grating. Bearing bar sizes range from 1" x 1/8" through 2-1/2" x 3/16" in 1/4" increments. Bearing bar spacing of 13/16", 15/16", 11/16" and 7/16" c.c. and cross bar spacing of 4" or 2" are available. Where skid resistance is desired, a serrated surface can be provided on aluminum grating.  

Aluminum Flush Top Load Table Charts (PDF)
19-SGF-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
15-SGF-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
11-SGF-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
7-SGF-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
Aluminum Plank:
aluminum plank bar grating

This metal grating is a type of extruded aluminum grating which is available in 6" wide sections, and either plain sided or interlocking. Aluminum plank bar grating can be provided in sections up to 26'0" in length, or fabricated per plans and specs. Plank grating is available unpunched as an economical and structurally superior substitute for aluminum checkerplate, or with a variety of punch/patterns.

Aluminum Plank Options:
Punch Pattern:
Unpunched, Rectangular, Square, Round
Plank Section Availability:
Heavy Duty (Plain Sides), Heavy Duty (Interlocking Sides), Light Series (Plain Sides), Reefer (Plain Sides), Reefer (Interlocking Sides)

Aluminum Plank Load Table Charts (PDF)
Rectangular Punched plank, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
Square Punched plank, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
Unpunched plnak, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
Aluminum I-Bar:
aluminum i bar grating

This grating is a type of pressure locked aluminum grating which utilizes an "I" shaped bearing bar ranging in size from 1" x 1/4" through 2-1/2" x 1/4" in 1/4" increments. Bearing bar spacing of 1-3/16", 15/16" 11/16", and 7/16" c.c. and cross bar spacings of 4" or 2" are available.

The I-Bar design in this floor grating takes advantage of the aluminum extrusion process by placing the metal where it is most effective - at the outermost edge - while reducing the thickness for the neutral axis web. This design consideration allows the aluminum I-bar grating the same load carrying capacity at less weight per square foot than rectangular bar, therefore resulting in a cost savings.

Aluminum I-Bar Load Table Charts (PDF)
19-SGI-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
15-SGI-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
11-SGI-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
7-SGI-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
Aluminum Riveted:
aluminum riveted bar gratingA type of aluminum grating which combines straight bearing bars and bent connecting bars riveted together at their contact points. Riveted grating, although being the oldest style of industrial floor grating, is still the choice of many engineers due to its reliability and durability. All popular sizes and spacings of aluminum riveted grating are sold by Direct Metals with an emphasis on quality and service. 

Aluminum Riveted Load Table Charts (PDF)
18-AR-7, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
18-AR-3-1/2, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
12-AR-7, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
12-AR-3-1/2, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
Aluminum Press Lock:
aluminum press lock

Aluminum Press Lock is bar grating made up of interlocking perpendicular bars. Hydraulic pressure is used to bond the slotted bars together, locking the deep cross bar into the notched bearing bar. This bar grating has a smooth, clean look due to a flush top rectangular cross bar.

Aluminum Press Lock bar grating offers strong lateral stability and is used in architectural design because of its clean look and tight spacing. The 1/4" & 1/2" openings conform to the “Americans with Disabilities Act” (July, 1991). Slip resistant surfaces are available upon request.

Aluminum Press Lock Load Table Charts (PDF)
19-DT-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
15-DT-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
11-DT-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
7-DT-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)

Aluminum Lite I-Bar:
aluminum lite barAluminum Lite I-Bar is a bar grating that has an advantageous strength-to-weight ratio. The lightness of this metal grating reduces freight cost, and is an economical solution used in several grating applications such as: 

• Metal Grating Walkways
• Metal Grating Vents
• Metal Grating Air Grilles
• Metal Grating Sun Screens
• Metal Grating Security Screens
• Metal Grating Ceiling Tiles
• Metal Grating Flooring

Aluminum Lite I-Bar metal grating meets ADA requirements & NAAMM standards.

Aluminum Lite Bar Load Table Charts (PDF)
19-SGLi-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
15-SGLi-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
11-SGLi-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)
7-SGLi-4, 3 Part Specification (PDF)

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