Architectural Metal

Our Architectural Metal Products can be used in various applications from industrial to architectural usages. Choose from our architectural patterns in wire mesh, perforated, expanded or grating.

Wire Mesh    Perforated Metal    Expanded Metal    Grating
Wire Mesh    Perforated Metal    Expanded Metal    Bar Grating

Wire products are versatile, economical and lightweight. They can even be adapted for use in just about any industrial or architectural project. Materials include: carbon steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel and custom alloys.

Wire mesh comes in many architectural patterns to suit your specific project. Choose from mixed alloy patterns, spiral-patterned mesh, opaque to high open area mesh and custom mesh patterns. Wire mesh is available in square, flat and round wires - and in the flexible & multifunctional cable mesh.

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Perforated metal is extremely versatile and lightweight and comes in round, square, slotted and decorative perforations. Some architectural applications include sunscreens, ceiling panels, exterior cladding or any application requiring an aesthetically appealing look.

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Expanded Metal is extremely economical. It can even be adapted for use in just about any architectural metal project. You will find a wide number of styles and materials to choose from. Available in flattened or standard.

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Bar grating is designed for industrial and architectural applications. This metal grating is a strong choice for projects ranging from sunshades, fencing, building facades, walkways, ornamental grilles or any visually attractive project.

Bar grating, or metal grating can be used for a number of applications, and can be made with many different materials. Metal bar grating can be made as aluminum bar grating, steel bar grating, or carbon steel bar grating.

Another architectural bar grating application includes steel grates, which are an integral part of the interior of industrial plants and the exterior landscape all around us. Also known as metal grates, steel grates permit the passage of air, light, heat and liquid and therefore are useful in screening out unwanted elements and debris in various settings. Driveway drains, storm water drains, trench drains and floor drains are typically fit with steel grates. This metal bar grating is also functional for industrial decks and flooring in chemical plants, food processing facilities, and oil and gas refineries. In addition, pedestrians rely on steel grates in public walkways, and near fountains and trees.

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